1 How would you handle the short staffing issue 2
1. How would you handle the short- staffing issue?
2. What measures would you take to get the appropriate cooks in to work as soon as possible?
3. What would you do to ensure a smooth, successful transition for the party of fifty?
4. How would you manipulate your floor plan to provide great service for the party of fifty?
5. How would you immediately make an impact on the long check times?
6. What should you do to ensure that all the guests in the restaurant are happy?
Sally is the general manager of one of the best restaurants in town, known as The Pub. As usual, at 6: 00 P. M. on a Friday night, there is a forty- five- minute wait. The kitchen is overloaded, and they are running behind in check times, the time that elapses between the kitchen getting the order and the guest receiving his or her meal. This is critical, especially if a complaint is received because a guest has waited too long for a meal to be served. Sally is waiting for her two head line cooks to come in for the closing shift. It is now 6: 15 P. M. and she receives phone calls from both of them. Unfortunately, they are both sick with the flu and are not able to come to work.
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