Question: 1 Identify the management organization and technology factors responsible for

1. Identify the management, organization, and technology factors responsible for slow adoption rates of internal corporate social networks.
2. Why have each of the companies described in this case been successful in implementing internal social networks? Explain your answer.
3. Should all companies implement internal enterprise social networks? Why or why not?

Social networking has never been more popular, with Facebook and Twitter continuing to grow at a breakneck pace. Over half of all adults visit social networking sites at least once a month, and many of today’s employees are already well versed in the basics of public social net-working. But when companies have tried to harness those same technologies within the enterprise, they have had mixed results. Forrester Research’s study of nearly 5,000 U. S. information workers found that only 28 percent of workers use any kind of social software at least once a month for their work, and many of those are only using a public social network such as Facebook. A majority of business technology professionals consider their own internal social networks to be merely average or below average, and the biggest reason they cite is low adoption rates on the part of employees. According to Information Week’s Social Networking the Enterprise Survey, 35 percent of the companies using internal social networking systems reported lackluster adoption as a major obstacle to success. Moreover, enterprise social networking systems were not at the core of how most of the surveyed companies collaborate.

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