1 If you worked for Chippy what new classification would
1. If you worked for Chippy, what new classification would you ask for? Give your reasons.
2. Classifications are based on both cost and value of service. From the carriers’ standpoint, how has cost of service changed?
3. Given the existing LTL classification of 200, how has value of service to the customer changed?
4. The new tubular containers are much sturdier. If you worked for Chippy, how—if at all—would you argue that this factor influences classification?
5. You work for the motor carrier classification bureau and notice that the relationship between the weight of potato chips and the weight of packaging has changed. How, it at all, should this influence changes in the product’s classification?
6. One of Chippy’s own trucks, used for local deliveries, has two axles and an enclosed body measuring (inside) seven feet by eight feet by twenty feet and is limited by law to carrying a load of no more than 8,000 pounds. Because the truck is not supposed to be overloaded, what combinations, expressed in terms of cartons of each, of new- and old-style chips can it legally carry? (Hint: use a piece of graph paper.)

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