Question: 1 Imagine that you just joined the leadership team of

1. Imagine that you just joined the leadership team of a large financial services company that wants to improve its financial performance. The rest of the leadership team wants to reduce the company’s workforce through outsourcing or selling some business units and then hiring back some of the former employees as contract labor so it can pay them less and not provide benefits. Essentially, they want to find ways to pay people less for doing the same work without benefits and with fewer legal obligations. What would you recommend?
2. Imagine that your CEO recently read about another company focusing its training and compensation resources on the highest performing 10 percent of its employees and asks for your opinion.
3. Imagine that you are starting a new online marketing company and are trying to establish the compensation system for your employees. In percentages, how much more would you pay the highest paid employee than the lowest paid employee?

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