Question: 1 In 2014 New York state s highest court declined to

1. In 2014, New York state’s highest court declined to reinstate the soda ban. Would you approve of a nationwide soda ban? Explain.
2. a. New Republic senior editor timothy Noah: “Even as liberals and conservatives profess to hate the idea of government paternalism, both practice it.” Provide some examples of government restrictions on individual choices as favored by liberals and as favored by conservatives.
b. Do you support these restraints? Explain.
3. Professor David B. Agus asks: “When does regulating a person do habits in the name of good health become our moral and social duty?” Answer his question.
Inspired by then-mayor Michael Bloomberg, the New York City Board of Health in 2012 approved a ban on the sale of sugary drinks in containers over 16 ounces in restaurants, stadiums, theaters, and other establishments regulated by the city health department. The rule did not forbid refills. According to the city, a switch from 20- to16-ounce drinks by New Yorkers would “save” 2.3 million pounds per year. Americans drink much more soda than residents of other nations, and the U.S. bill for diabetes is about $245 billion annually. Opponents see the rule as more government overreach by a “nanny state” deter-mined to diminish personal freedom. A New York Times poll found about 6 in 10 New Yorkers opposed the ban.

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