1 In a regression analysis we predict the value of
1. In a regression analysis, we predict the value of Y from X based on a
a. significant correlation coefficient.
b. a mathematical equation.
c. a weak positive correlation.
d. a normal curve.
2. Which of the following denotes the slope or the regression coefficient for X?
a. The Y-intercept.
b. The term a.
c. The error term.
d. The term b.
3. The increase or decrease in Y expected with each unit change in X is known as
a. The Y-intercept.
b. The error term e.
c. The regression coefficient, b.
d. Pearson’s correlation, r.
4. A measure of the proportion of the variance in Y explained by X is known as
a. the coefficient of non-determination.
b. the coefficient of determination.
c. The y-intercept.
d. the slope.
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