Question: 1 In business process management decision makers must collect and

1. In business process management, decision makers must collect and analyze data. Which of the following tools would best be used to collect useful data?
a. Journal entries
b. Interviews
c. Financial statements
d. Expectancy theory
2. Employees of BRN Corporation are trying to convince the CEO of the importance of enterprise risk management. The CEO comments: “I can’t really support this idea. Too many organizations develop ERM plans, then put them on the shelf instead of implementing them.” Which element of expectancy theory is reducing the CEO’s motivation?
a. Expectancy
b. Valence
c. Instrumentality
d. Motivation
3. The first step in business process management is to select the process and define its bound-
aries. Which of the following is the best defined process within the context of BPM?
a. Selling assets
b. Posting journal entries to the ledger
c. Purchasing inventory
d. Financing operations
4. Which of the following is a key idea in both business process management and enterprise
risk management?
a. Defining the boundary
b. Accepting things as they are
c. Increasing efficiency
d. Involving company executives
5. Which of the following statements best exemplifies one of the principles of BPM?
a. First, we need to think about the software we’re going to use.
b. Let’s develop a proposal, then inform the CFO.
c. We’ll need to select the BPM team carefully.
d. This project should be quick and easy; we can wait and let everyone know about it
when we’re done

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