1 In government wide financial statements information about fiduciary funds
1. In government- wide financial statements, information about fiduciary funds should be presented in a discrete column to the right of the business- type activities.
2. In government- wide financial statements, expenses for each program should be presented in such a way that charges for services directly related to the programs are shown to reduce the gross expenses of the programs.
3. In government- wide financial statements, interest on long- term general obligation debt should be recognized in the period that the interest is due and payable.
4. In government- wide financial statements, real property tax revenues are recognized (net of estimated refunds and estimated uncollectible amounts) in the period for which the taxes are levied.
5. The economic resources measurement focus and accrual basis of accounting are used in reporting on Enterprise Funds in both the fund statements and the government- wide statements. 6. The existence of Internal Service Funds does not affect amounts reported as expenses in the governmental activities column of government- wide financial statements, as compared with the expenditures reported in the fund statements.
7. Fiduciary funds are reported in fund financial statements but are not reported in government-wide financial statements.
8. Only the major proprietary funds are reported in government- wide financial statements.

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