Question: 1 In its opinion the court pointed out that the

1. In its opinion, the court pointed out that “the duty to act in good faith does not apply to lenders seeking payment on demand notes.” Why not?
2. If National City had demanded “ payment of the line” instead of just indicating that there was a possibility it might do so in the future, would the outcome of this case have been any different? Explain.
3. Why might a creditor such as National City Bank prefer a note that is payable on demand?
4. Why might a debtor such as Reger Development agree to a note that includes a term making it payable on demand?

Plaintiff-appellant Reger Development, LLC * * * is an Illinois limited liability company involved in real estate development. Kevin Reger is Reger Development’s principal and sole member. Defendant- appellee National City Bank * * * had lent money to Reger Development for several previous projects.

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