Question: 1 In teams of four visit the listed sites and

1. In teams of four, visit the listed sites and prepare a presentation on Information Overload (IO). The presentation should include the following elements: (1) seriousness of the problem, (2) suggestions for reducing IO in email usage, (3) suggestions for reducing IO in Internet usage, and (4) suggestions for reducing stress that results from IO.
2. “The information age has brought about a reduction in the quality of life.” Choose to support or defend the statement; write a one-to two-page paper that explains your position and gives supporting evidence and/or examples.
3. Select a personal example from your academic or work life in which you have experienced information overload (IO). Prepare a written analysis that (1) describes the situation, (2) identifies the reasons for the IO that occurred, and (3) outlines strategies for reducing your IO.

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