Question: 1 In the case both airlines upgraded to the same

1. In the case, both airlines upgraded to the same application but approached the upgrade process differently. What were those differences, and how much impact did they have on the outcome of the project?
2. What precautions did the organizations in the case take to prevent software upgrade problems? To what extent do you believe those helped?
3. SAP customers have the choice between upgrading to the most recent version of the application suite or integrating third-party products into their existing infrastructure. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative?

Few things in the airline business are more daunting than upgrading to a new reservations system. Does it well and customers are none the wiser; mess it up and a carrier risks losing customers and tarnishing its brand. Discount carriers JetBlue Airways Corp. and West Jet Airlines Ltd. both recently switched reservations systems. The differing outcomes are a reminder of how the implementation of new technology can be just as crucial as the technology itself.

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