Question: 1 In the trial stage of a legal proceeding voir

1. In the trial stage of a legal proceeding, voir dire refers to the process during which the judge and participating attorneys question prospective jurors about their back-grounds and beliefs.
a. True
b. False

2. “A preponderance of the evidence” describes a higher standard of proof than “ clear and convincing.”
a. True
b. False

3. In a criminal trial, witnesses are never permitted to offer their opinions as evidence.
a. True
b. False

4. In most states, the admissibility of evidence is ­governed by:
a. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
b. Evidence Admission Procedures
c. Common Law Provisions
d. Federal Rules of Evidence

5. A primary purpose of expert testimony is to:
a. Ensure that testimony by other witnesses is relevant
b. Assist the trier of fact in understanding complex issues
c. Help an attorney present opening and closing arguments
d. None of the above are purposes of expert testimony

6. Which of the following is a Daubert criterion that a trial judge should consider when evaluating expert testimony?
a. The degree of acceptance of a method within a professional community
b. Whether a theory has been peer- reviewed
c. Whether a methodology has been tested
d. The known or potential rate of error of a method
e. All of the above should be considered

7. Communications between attorneys and testifying experts have always been protected under the work product doctrine.
a. True
b. False

8. Each of the following is a requisite element for establishing a communication that is protected under the attorney client privilege except:
a. Is made to a person reasonably believed to be an attorney
b. Is made to the arresting police officer
c. Relates to the rendering of legal services
d. Is made in confidence

9. The work product doctrine is intended to:
a. Allow attorneys to prepare for litigation with-out risk that their work will be revealed to court adversaries
b. Ensure that all court documents are prepared and presented in a timely manner
c. Verify that all witnesses disclose their intended testimony during discovery
d. Ensure that all documents presented at trial are filed in a manner prescribed by the court

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