Question: 1 In what way s has Ken Frazier demonstrated his effectiveness

1. In what way(s) has Ken Frazier demonstrated his effectiveness as a crisis leader?
2. Given our discussion on the distinction between a traditional and learning organization, what type of organization is Merck? Support your answer.
3. Mr. Frazier has maintained that the pillar of Merck’s strategy will remain innovation. Suggest some ideas he can institute to enhance innovation.
4. Describe the strategy that Ken Frazier has articulated for moving Merck forward?
5. What are some of the supporting factors that the Merck Board of Directors used in making the decision to appoint Ken Frazier Merck’s next CEO?
6. Drug research is a high-risk and time-consuming process. What evidence is there to support this assertion?
7. What specific personality and leadership traits does Ken Frazier possess that align with leading learning and knowledge-driven organization like Merck?
8. What is CEO Frazier’s source of power? Also, what type of power and influencing tactics has he been using, and is it the appropriate power type? If not, which power type should he be using?
9. Discusses communication, coaching and mentoring as ways to develop the leadership skills of underlings by senior leaders. What is the evidence from the case that Mr. Frazier is beneficiary of effective mentoring and coaching?
10. Strategic leadership is about having a vision that aligns with future environmental trends and working with and through others to realize it. What evidences is there that Ken Frazier is an effective strategic leader?

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