Question: 1 In your opinion is Ursula Burns more of a

1. In your opinion is Ursula Burns more of a charismatic leader, a transformational leader or both?
2. Exhibit identifies Transformational and Charismatic Leader Behaviors. In your opinion, which of the behavioral components does Ms. Burns Exemplify?
3. A key attribute of servant leadership is that it transcends self-interest to serve the needs of others. Does Ursula Burns fit this bill?
4. Exhibit identifies the Qualities of Charismatic and Transformational leaders. Base on your knowledge of Ms. Burns, which of the 12 qualities can you directly attribute to her?
5. Every leader has a sense of his or her personal meaning, described in the text as the degree to which people’s lives make emotional sense and to which the demands confronted by them are perceived as being worthy of energy and commitment. Based on the facts of the case, what are the sources from which Burns derives her personal meaning?
6. According to the leadership continuum model of Tannenbaum and Schmidt, where would you put Ursula Burns based on the facts of the case?
7. Communication is a major competency for leaders. Would you agree that this is a quality that Burns possesses?
8. Leader–member exchange theory describes the type of relationship that often develops between leaders and followers. How would you describe the dyadic relationship between Anne Mulcahy and Ursula Burns?
9. One of the characteristics of effective teams is the presence of a capable and competent team leader describes different activities of the team leader in creating an effective team including turning obstacles into opportunities. Would you describe Ursula Burns as an effective team leader?

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