Question: 1 In your opinion would you characterize Governor Patrick s administration

1. In your opinion, would you characterize Governor Patrick’s administration as a low- or high-performing culture? Support your answer with evidence from the case.
2. In what ways has Governor Patrick shown that he and his administration embrace and support diversity?
3. What is the evidence in the case to support the assertion that Governor Patrick exemplifies the principles of Authentic Leadership?
4. What are some the factors in Governor Patrick’s life that have influenced his values?
5. Based on your overall impression of Governor Deval Patrick, describe the quality of the exchange relationship he would most likely have with his followers. Explain your answer?
6. Discuss how organizational climate can influence team creativity and the role of top leaders in creating such a climate. Has Gov. Patrick created a climate for creativity and innovation in his state? Support your answer.
7. Transformational versus transactional leadership describes two leadership styles commonly associated with senior leaders of corporations. Which of these leadership types is more representative of Governor Patrick? Support your answer.

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