Question: 1 Is the proposed system an accounting system A factory

1. Is the proposed system an accounting system? A factory operations system? Or both?
2. Which life cycle variations might be appropriate for Sally to consider using?
3. Which activities of analysis and of design discussed in this chapter should involve factory workers as well as factory management?

Sally Jones is assigned to manage a new system development project that will automate some of the work being done in her company’s factory. It is fairly clear what is needed: to automate the tracking of the work in progress and the finished goods inventory. What is less clear is the impact of any automated system on the factory workers. Sally has several concerns: How might a new system affect the workers? Will they need a lot of training? Will working with a new system slow down their work or interfere with the way they now work? How receptive will the workers be to the changes the new system will surely bring to the shop floor?
At the same time, Sally recognizes that the factory workers themselves might have some good ideas about what will work and what won’t, especially concerning
(1) Which technology is more likely to survive in the factory environment and
(2) What sort of user interface will work best for the workers. Sally doesn’t know much about factory operations, although she does understand inventory accounting.

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