Question: 1 Is the second mover advantage always a good business strategy

1. Is the second-mover advantage always a good business strategy? Defend your answer with examples of the companies in this case.
2. What can a front-runner business do to foil the assaults of second movers? Defend your answer using the examples of the front-runner companies in the case.
3. Do second movers always have the advantage in Web based business success? Why or why not? Evaluate the five strategies given in the case and the companies that used them to help defend your answer.

Anyone who has watched short-track speed skating during the Winter Olympics knows that skating with the lead is no easy task.
The No. 2 skater gets to conserve precious energy by drafting behind the leader. No. 2 watches the frontrunner is every move, gauging when and where to make a bid for the gold. Now corporate America and speed skating have much in common.

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