1 Is this form of analysis appropriate 2 Interpret
1. Is this form of analysis appropriate?
2. Interpret the computer output and critique the analysis.
3. Explore the GLM (General Linear Model) procedure in SAS or SPSS by testing a model using show_off as the dependent variable and gender as the independent variable (a fixed effect in the SPSS GLM window and a class variable in SAS Proc GLM).
Three academic researchers investigated the idea that, in America in sports, there are two segments with opposing views of what each considers as the goal of competition (i. e., winning versus self-actualization) and the acceptable/desirable way of achieving this goal. Persons who believe in “winning at any cost” are proponents of sports success as a product and can be labeled new school (NS) individuals. The new school is founded on notions of the player before the team, loyalty to the highest bidder, and high-tech production and consumption of professional sports. On the other hand, persons who value the process of sports, and believe that “how you play the game matters,” can be labeled old school (OS) individuals. The old school emerges from old-fashioned American notions of the team before the player, sportsmanship and loyalty above all else, and competition simply for the “love of the game.” New school was measured by asking agreement with ten attitude statements. Higher scores represent old school values. For this case the scores were grouped into high, medium, and low groups. Case Exhibit 22. 1-1 shows the SPSS output of a cross-tabulation to relate the gender of the respondent with the New School/Old School grouping.
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