Question: 1 Jeff wonders if The Hobbit s Choice Restaurant is more

1. Jeff wonders if The Hobbit’s Choice Restaurant is more appealing to women that it is to men or vice versa. Perform the proper analysis, interpret it, and answer Jeff’s question.
2. With respect to the location of The Hobbit’s Choice Restaurant, is a waterfront viewer preferred more than a drive less than 30 minutes?
3. With respect to the restaurant’s atmosphere is a string quartet preferred over a jazz combo?
4. What about unusual entrees versus unusual desserts?
5. In general, establishments are appealing to higher income households, while they are less appealing to lower income households. Is this pattern the case for The Hobbit’s Choice Restaurant?
6. Jeff and Cory speculated that the different geographic areas that they identified by zip codes would have different reactions to the prospect of patronizing a new upscale restaurant. Are these anticipated differences substantiated by the survey? Perform the proper analysis and interpret your findings.

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