Question: 1 K2 Network operates online game sites used by about

1. K2 Network operates online game sites used by about 16 million people in over 100 countries. Players are allowed to enter a game for free, but must buy digital “assets” from K2, such as swords to fight dragons, if they want to be deeply involved. The games can accommodate millions of players at once and are played simultaneously by people all over the world. Prepare a security analysis for this Internet- based business. What kinds of threats should it anticipate? What would be their impact on the business? What steps can it take to prevent damage to its Web sites and continuing operations?
2. A survey of your firm's IT infastructure has identified a number of security vulnerabilities. Review the data on these vulnerabilities, which can be found in a table in MyMISLab. Use the table to answer the following questions:
Calculate the total number of vulnerabilities for each platform. What is the potential impact of the security problems for each computing platform on the organization?
If you only have one information systems specialist in charge of security, which platforms should you address first in trying to eliminate these vulnerabilities? Second? Third? Last? Why?
Identify the types of control problems illustrated by these vulnerabilities and explain the measures that should be taken to solve them.
What does your firm risk by ignoring the security vulnerabilities identified?

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