Question: 1 Katz was convicted in federal court under an indictment

1. Katz was convicted in federal court under an indictment charging him with transmitting wagering information by telephone from Los Angeles to Miami and Boston, in violation of a federal statute prohibiting gambling. At the trial, the federal prosecutor was permitted, over the objections of Katz’s attorney, to introduce evidence of Katz’s telephone conversations. These telephone conversations had been overheard by FBI agents who had attached an electronic listening and recording device to the outside of the public telephone booth from which Katz had placed his calls. Did the FBI violate the Second Amendment by listening to Katz’s telephone conversations?
2. While in the custody of the New Castle Youth Development Center (YDC), 17-year-old Betts suffered a tragic spinal cord injury while attempting to make a tackle during a football game. Following the injury, Betts sued YDC and several of its staff members, claiming that his injury resulted from a violation of his Eighth Amendment rights. Was Betts subjected to cruel and unusual punishment while playing football?
3. The IRS filed a lawsuit against Stern to collect unpaid income taxes, penalties, and interest that had amassed over 10 years. In response, Stern petitioned the court to disallow the IRS from collecting his tax debt, arguing that discrepancies existed between the Constitution and certain Supreme Court cases. Was Stern required to pay federal income taxes pursuant to the Sixteenth Amendment?

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