1 Launch the Visible Analyst CASE tool or a similar
1. Launch the Visible Analyst® CASE tool, or a similar tool, and then visit the Help section for structure charts. Look for a description of the symbol set, and the definitions for data couples, control couples, and modules. Write a brief summary of what you found, or create a short slide presentation with the results.
2. Study Figure 11-12 on page 457, which is a simple example of a control couple. Use the CASE tool to create a structure chart that resembles the figure.

Suppose you work for an IT consulting firm. One of the firm’s clients is interested in using a CASE tool for in-house systems development. A brief presentation for the client will be held next week, and you will handle the section on structure charts. To prepare, you will need to review what you know about structure charts, and practice some basic skills.

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