Question: 1 Legal requirements aside are employers ethically obligated to inform

1. Legal requirements aside, are employers ethically obligated to inform their workers of NLRA rights? Explain.
2. From an ethical standpoint, should NLRA posting requirements be different for a nonunionized workplace versus a unionized workplace? Explain.
Posters by the U.S. Department of Labor (see Chapter 12) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC—see Chapter 13) informing workers of their rights are familiar sights in the workplace. In 2012, the NLRB issued a Notice Posting Rule requiring most private-sector employers—regardless of whether their workers were unionized—to post a notice advising employees of their rights under the NLRA. Two federal appellate decisions invalidated this rule; the NLRB announced in 2014 that it would not seek review by the U.S. Supreme Court. Therefore, employers may choose not to post such a message.

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