Question: 1 List and describe the security and control weaknesses at

1. List and describe the security and control weaknesses at Sony that are discussed in this case.
2. What management, organizational, and technology factors contributed to these problems?
3. What was the business impact of the Sony data losses on Sony and its customers?
4. What solutions would you suggest to prevent these problems?

On April 19, 2011, system administrators at Sony's online gaming service PlayStation Network (PSN), with over 77 million users, began to notice suspicious activity on some of its 130 servers spread across the globe. The PlayStation Network is used by Sony game machine owners to play against one another, chat online, and watch video streamed over the Internet. The largest single data breach in Internet history was taking place. On April 20, Sony engineers discovered that some data had likely been transferred from its servers to outside computers. The nature of the data transferred was not yet known but it could have included credit card and personal information of PlayStation customers. Because of the uncertainty of the data loss, Sony shut down its entire global PlayStation network when it realized it no longer controlled the personal information contained on these servers.

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