Question: 1 List IKEA s external and internal challenges Looking at IKEA s

1. List IKEA’s external and internal challenges. Looking at IKEA’s challenges, which ones do you think pose the greatest threat? Why? How would you address the challenges?
2. Walmart entered a period of difficulties after Sam Walton stepped down. Do you anticipate IKEA having the same leadership transition challenges? Why or why not?
3. Did it surprise you to learn that both a developed country (the United States) and also emerging economies (i.e., China and Russia) are the fastest-growing international markets for IKEA? Does this fact pose any challenges in the way IKEA ought to compete across the globe? Why or why not?
4. What can IKEA do to continue to drive growth globally, especially given its strategic intent to double annual store openings?
5. Assume you are hired to consult IKEA on the topic of corporate social responsibility (see the discussion in Chapter 2). Which areas would you recommend the company be most sensitive to, and how should these be addressed?

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