Question: 1 List possible objects in the library operation including their

1. List possible objects in the library operation, including their attributes and methods.
2. Identify possible use cases and actors.
3. Select one of the use cases and create a sequence diagram.
4. Create an object relationship diagram that provides an overview of the system, including how books are requested by faculty and checked out to students.

The library staff at Oakwood Community College works hard to satisfy students and faculty. One of library’s main goals is to use new technology whenever possible to enhance service and efficiency. The collection is updated constantly, and faculty members often request new books to support current courses and research needs. Students and faculty can visit the library to use on-site resources, including some materials that cannot be checked out. In addition, the library maintains extensive online resources. The head librarian wants you to develop an object-oriented model for a new library information system that would be user-friendly and cost-effective. You can use your schools library as a model, and you are free to use your imagination. .

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