Question: 1 List three interviewing tips for new college graduates looking

1. List three interviewing tips for new college graduates looking for employment when in many parts of the country a sluggish job market exists.
2. Thinking about some common mistakes that people make in job interviews, which five are the worst? Make a list often things people should do to improve success in an interview.
3. People regularly make decisions in career planning that have trade-offs. Identify some benefits and costs people are faced with as well as two lifestyle trade-offs.
4. Review the task areas in the Decision-Making Worksheet “Keeping Track of Your Job Search” on page 52, and identify what you think are the five that likely are the most difficult for people to accomplish. For each of the five, offer a suggestion that might help people accomplish the task.
5. Adding a second income to a family either by having another person work or by working two jobs often seems to be a good way to add financial resources. But the impact is not always as large as people hope. Review the example given in the “Run the Numbers” box on page 46 and discuss the pros and cons of a second income in that example.

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