1 Looking at Schumpeter s definition and the five basic ways
1. Looking at Schumpeter’s definition and the five basic ways entrepreneurs find opportunities to create new businesses, how does Foursquare fit?
2. How do Selvadurai’s seven formulas compare with the seven rules for building a successful business?
3. Apply Porter’s generic strategies to the industry in which Foursquare competes, using case information and your own knowledge. Describe your analysis. Based on this work, what did you find?
4. What prepared the founders to create Foursquare?
5. What gaps in the founders’ team and resources needed to be filled by outside sources? Name four specific resources they acquired.
6. What features and benefits did the founders include in the app to ensure its popularity? Why were these selected?
7. Is Foursquare the only app of its kind? If not, what other apps are similar?
8. What future do you envision for Foursquare?
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