1 Loyalty is a highly desirable ethical value and disloyalty
1. Loyalty is a highly desirable ethical value, and disloyalty is a serious unethical and often illegal activity. Explain how and to whom Grossmith, Horcsok, and Webb were disloyal.
2. Although Grossmith’s actions did not negatively affect the wealth of any client, why did UBS fire him?
3. How should an employer like UBS encourage employee loyalty?

Glen Grossmith is an outstanding family man, a frequent coach for his children’s teams, and a dedicated athlete who enjoys individual and team sports. One day, his boss at UBS Securities Canada Inc., Zoltan Horcsok, asked him to do a favor for a colleague, Mark Webb, with whom they had done business for awhile. Glen did the favour without asking why it was needed. Here is the story of what happened.

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