1. Our theory depends on being given the population standard deviation. This number is normally not available. Speculate on what we should do.
2. The effect of the size n of samples on the standard error of the sampling distributions. 3. How does the sample size affect the width of the confidence interval? Give the reason why you think should be the case. Does it fit with your intuition? How does the size of the standard deviation affect the width of the confidence interval?
4. We have differentiated between the two methods, one with standard deviation of the population known and one where it is unknown. Sometimes they are differentiated by the method for large samples and the method for small samples. Why do you think this does or does not make sense?
5. When would you use hypothesis testing and when would you use confidence intervals? 6. A news articles on surveys and polling’s, there usually is a statement on the margin of error. This is another term for the significance level. Describe one that you have seen either on TV or in newspapers and/or magazines.

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