Question: 1 Perform research to learn how much consumers are projected

1. Perform research to learn how much consumers are projected to spend on Internet purchases during the next three years, and describe the results. Does the estimate seem reasonable? Why or why not?
2. Many of Precision’s clients are start-up firms that must fight hard to attract investment capital, and some traditional lenders are skeptical of new Web-based firms. Perform research to determine the mortality rate of new retail firms that use the Web as their primary marketing channel, and describe the results of your research.
3. Some IT professionals predict that traditional brick and mortar companies will greatly expand their Internet marketing efforts, making it even harder for new online firms to compete. Perform research to find out more about the topic and describe the results.
4. Suppose you were asked to draft an e-commerce sales brochure for Precision Consulting. List all the services in which potential customers might be interested.

Precision Consulting has helped many clients plan, design, and implement e-commerce solutions. As a newly hired systems analyst, you will be expected to work with other team members on e-commerce projects. You realize that have a lot to learn, and you decide to learn as much as you can about the e-commerce issues and solutions.

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