1 Please discuss the First World War and the Treaty
1. Please discuss the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles (1919). How did this war and treaty shape the first half of the Twentieth Century Global history?
2. Discuss & outline the Arab-Israeli War from Suez Crisis (1956) to the First Gulf War (1991). What were some of the major events and leaders? How did these events shape the geo-political area?
3. Discuss the Spanish Civil War and the effects Mussolini and Hitler had upon this war. What were the ramifications of Fascism and how did it survive in the post-1945 world in Spain?
4. Outline the Air war in Vietnam from the various air operations enacted by the United States from 1964-1972. What were its immediate and long term goals. How did this air campaign influence future policy makers after the Vietnam war (1973-2001)?

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