Question: 1 Position of a peak in the histogram 2 Half of

1. Position of a peak in the histogram
2. Half of the cases are smaller than this value
3. Length of the box in the boxplot
4. Proportion of cases lying within the box of the boxplot
5. A histogram with a long right tail
6. The average of the values of a numerical variable
7. The average squared deviation from the average
8. The square root of the variance
9. The number of standard deviations from the mean
10. Proportion of a bell-shaped distribution within 1 SD of y
(a) Median
(b) Mean
(c) Standard deviation
(d) Variance
(e) Z-score
(f) Two-thirds
(g) Mode
(h) Interquartile range
(i) One half
(j) Skewed

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