Question: 1 Rather than a series of t tests analysis of

1. Rather than a series of t tests, analysis of variance is used because
a. it holds Type 1 error at a constant level.
b. it is too much work to do a series of t tests.
c. it increases Type 1 error.
d. it makes a number of decisions, whereas a series of t tests makes a single overall decision.
2. To find a significant difference with an analysis of variance, you hope to maximize
a. the between-groups mean square.
b. the within-groups mean square.
c. the within-groups sum of square.
d. variation within groups.
3. The F ratio is larger when
a. the between-groups mean square is smaller.
b. the within-groups mean square is smaller.
c. the difference between means is smaller.
d. None of the above
4. Which of the following is not a requirement of analysis of variance?
a. A comparison of three or more independent means
b. Random sampling
c. A normal distribution
d. Ordinal data

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