Question: 1 Refine and extend the domain model class diagram you

1. Refine and extend the domain model class diagram you developed in Chapter 5 as necessary.
2. Develop a use case diagram. Base it directly on the event table you created for Chapter 5. Be sure to include a CRUD analysis with your class diagram from question 1 and discuss what additional use cases might be needed based on your CRUD analysis.
3. Develop an activity diagram for each use case related to entering new orders, creating case manifests, and fulfilling orders. You should have at least three activity diagrams. Write a fully developed use case description for each of these use cases.
4. Develop a system sequence diagram for each use case you developed in question 3.
Previous chapters have described the activities and processes of Reliable Pharmaceutical Service. Use the previous descriptions, particularly the basic description in Chapter 1 and the detailed descriptions from Chapter 5, as well as the following additional description of the case, to develop object-oriented requirements models.

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