Question: 1 Sample 2 Census 3 Target population 4 Statistic 5 Parameter 6 Sampling frame 7 Simple

1. Sample
2. Census
3. Target population
4. Statistic
5. Parameter
6. Sampling frame
7. Simple random sample
8. Stratified sample
9. Bias
10. Nonresponse
(a) A complete collection of items desired to be studied
(b) A list of all of the items in the population
(c) A subset of a larger collection of items
(d) A sample from a homogeneous subset of the population
(e) A characteristic of a sample
(f) Occurs if a sampling method distorts a property of the population
(g) A comprehensive study of every item in a population
(h) The result if a respondent chooses not to answer questions
(i) A characteristic of a population
(j) Sample chosen so that all subsets of size n are equally likely

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