Question: 1 Should Alex join the Board of directors of Consolidated

1. Should Alex join the Board of directors of Consolidated Mines International Inc.?
2. If Alex joins the Board, should he vote in favor of continuing to make the payments to the United Peoples Liberation Front?
3. What other options are available to Alex?

Alex McAdams, the recently retired CEO of Athletic Shoes, was honored to be asked to join the Board of Consolidated Mines International Inc. Alex continues to sit on the Board of Athletic Shoes, as well as the Board of Pharma-Advantage, another publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. However, CMI, as it is known, is a major step up for Alex. CMI was formed as the United Mines Company in the 1870s, by an American railway magnate, and in 1985 it became Consolidated Mines International Inc. It operates mines in Central America and northern South America. In 2004, its revenues were approximately $4.5 billion and it employed about 25,000 people worldwide.

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