1 Should Paperback Press have a specific process to manage
1. Should Paperback Press have a specific process to manage future changes and enhancements? What should it be?
2. If new features are added, what methodology should the IT staff use to add functions and enhancements?
3. Suppose that you had to assign specific IT staff members to maintain the inventory control system. How would you accomplish the task? Describe your strategy in a brief memo.
4. What should Paperback Press watch for to detect possible obsolescence in the future? Develop a checklist with specific examples that management could use.

Paperback Press specializes in reprinting classic literature. Three years ago, the company implemented a new system to track inventory and signal when books need to be reprinted. The new system was well received by users, and inventory problems have decreased significantly. Since the inventory system became operational, however, users have requested increased functionality and changes in screen forms and reports. You have been called in as a consultant to help the company make some decisions about system maintenance.

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