Question: 1 Should there be additional overtime and if so how

1. Should there be additional overtime, and if so, how much?
2. Should additional laminate be purchased, and if so, how much?
3. Should additional wood be purchased, and if so, how much?
4. What is the maximum profit that can be achieved by purchasing additional wood?

Custom Cabinets, Inc. (CCI), manufactures two major lines of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The SemiCustom Line consists of cabinets that are variations on a standard design. These cabinets are made to order. The StandardLine is a lower-priced line of cabinets that use standardized designs and materials. StandardLine cabinets are made to stock. The company has been in business for many years and has consistently performed well financially. It was obvious that something big was up as the management staff began to gather for a meeting called by CCI General Manager John Fleming. There was little of the usual light banter, and more significantly, there were no coffee and donuts. The CCI culture celebrates even small achievements with coffee and donuts. Their absence was not a goodomen.

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