Question: 1 Symbol A could represent a Computation of gross

1. Symbol A could represent (______)
a. Computation of gross pay
b. Input of payroll data
c. Preparation of paychecks
d. Verification of pay rates

2. Symbol B could represent (______).
a. Computation of net pay
b. Separation of erroneous time cards
c. Validation of payroll data
d. Preparation of the payroll registers

3. Symbol C could represent (______).
a. Batched time cards
b. Unclaimed payroll checks
c. Erroneous time cards
d. An error report (CPA)

4. Which of the symbolic representations in Figure indicates that a sales invoice has been filed?

5. During the review of an electronic data processing (EDP) internal control system, an auditor may review decision tables prepared by the client. A decision table is usually prepared by a client to supplement or replace the preparation of (______).
a. An internal control questionnaire when the number of alternative responses is large
b. A narrative description of a system where transactions are not processed in batches
c. Flowcharts when the number of alternatives is large
d. An internal control questionnaire not specifically designed for an EDP installation (CPA)

6. Which of the symbolic representations in Figure indicate that a file has beenconsulted?

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