1 Test statistic unaffected by collinearity 2 Minimum value of VIF 3
1. Test statistic unaffected by collinearity
2. Minimum value of VIF
3. Regression estimate without VIF
4. Effect of collinearity on se (b1)
5. Correlations among variables
6. Scatterplots among variables
7. Percentage of variation in residuals
8. Test whether adding X1 improves ft of model
9. Variance in X2
10. Unique variance in X2
(a) t-statistic for b1
(b) 1 - R2
(c) s2x2
(d) VIF(X1)
(e) 1
(f) F-statistic
(g) Scatterplot matrix
(h) s2x2 / VIF(X2)
(i) b
(j) Correlation matrix
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