Question: 1 The following is from Amgen s values statement Our Values

1. The following is from Amgen’s values statement: “Our Values form a deeply held belief system that guides our behavior, helps us make the right decisions and builds the framework for our daily interactions with each other. We value people, integrity and results. This combination is essential in accomplishing our primary purpose of using science to dramatically improve people’s lives.” ( What is the role of a “values statement” in creating an ethical organization environment? Comment on the lawsuits described above and whistle-blowing with respect to Amgen’s values statement. What message do you get about what drives Amgen’s operations when compared to a company like Alcoa and its values statement discussed in the chapter?
2. Evaluate the actions of Amgen and the two whistleblowers from an ethical perspective including motivation for action and ethical reasoning.
3. The following statement appears in Amgen’s code of ethics with respect to “making ethical decisions”: “No code of conduct can cover every situation. When you face ethical issue which are difficult to resolve, ask yourself these questions to help you: Is it legal and ethical?; Is it consistent with Amgen’s Code of Conduct and company policies?: Is it consistent with the Amgen Values?; Would I be comfortable explaining it to my family and friends, and if it appeared on television or in a newspaper?” The Code goes on to say if unsure about what to do, seek additional guidance about the ethics and legality of a matter before proceeding and ‘Do the Right Thing.’ What are the similarities between steps 8 and 10 of the Comprehensive Ethical Decision-Making Model discussed in chapter 2 and these statements in Amgen’s Code? How does organizational dissonance relate to the actions taken by management of Amgen in light of these statements?

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