Question: 1 The legality of this arrangement aside should bar owners

1. The legality of this arrangement aside, should bar owners be free to reach an agreement eliminating drink specials?
2. Is the Madison dispute too trivial and frivolous to justify court time? Explain.
3. Will the market satisfactorily protect youthful drinkers and society? Explain.
4. a. How would you expect the Supreme Court decision to affect the consumption of beer in Madison?
b. Explain how a “voluntary ban on drink specials” might constitute price fixing.
We know that college students drink astonishing amounts of alcohol. Each year college students spend about $5.5 billion on alcohol, most of that on beer. That total exceeds what students spend on books, soda, coffee, juice, and milk combined. Could antitrust law affect the consumption, or at least the price, of beer? Perhaps.

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