Question: 1 The project that Nationwide undertook was quite clearly a

1. The project that Nationwide undertook was quite clearly a success. What made this possible? Discuss three different practices that helped Nation wide pull this off. Use examples from the case where necessary.
2. The case notes that Nationwide had in mind a simple goal, but faced a difficult challenge. Why was this so difficult?
3. What is the business value derived from the successful completion of this project? What can executives at Nation wide do now that could not before? Provide some examples.

In a span of three short years, between 2000 and 2002, Nationwide Insurance got a new CEO, CIO, and CFO. Jerry Jurgensen, elected by Nationwide’s board in 2000 to replace the retiring CEO, was hired for his financial acumen and his ability to transform a business’s culture. Michael Keller was named the company’s first enterprise wide CIO the following year. He had 25 years of IT experience managing big infrastructure and systems integration projects. In 2002, Robert Rosholt replaced the retiring CFO and joined the others in Nationwide’s Columbus, Ohio headquarters, bringing along deep experience in all things financial.

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