Question: 1 The value of chi squared depends on which variable defines

1. The value of chi-squared depends on which variable defines the rows and which defines the columns of the contingency table.
2. If variable X is associated with variable Y, then Y is caused by X.
3. If the categorical variable that identifies the supervising manager is associated with the categorical variable that indicates a problem with processing orders, then the manager is causing the problems.
4. A small chi-squared statistic suggests that a lurking variable conceals the association between two categorical variables.
5. If the percentage of female job candidates who are hired is larger than the percentage of male candidates who are hired, then there is association between the categorical variables Sex (male, female) and Hire (yes, no).
6. If the percentage of defective items produced by a manufacturing process is about the same on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, then the day of the week is associated with defective items.

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