Question: 1 Think about the business benefits of the mobile CRM

1. Think about the business benefits of the mobile CRM deployments discussed in the case. How did Dow Corning and DirecTV benefit from these applications?
What can they do that was not possible before? What were the effects on productivity?
2. Use examples from the case to illustrate your answer.
3. What are some of the reasons that make it so challenging to mobilize an existing enterprise application? How did the companies featured in the case tackle that challenge?
4. Salespeople are generally known for their independence and emphasis on efficient time management, and not always for their willingness to adopt new technologies pushed by management. What were some of the approaches mentioned in the case that were used to foster adoption? What other alternatives can you think of?

Chip Reeves knows all about the life of a sales person. That is because during his nearly 20 years at Dow Corning, a global manufacturer of silicon-based products, he was one. He knows all too well that salespeople ignore any new administrative process or technology unless it allows them to make more sales or use their time more efficiently.

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