Question: 1 To what events must the multiple listing service system

1. To what events must the multiple listing service system respond? Create a complete event table listing the event, trigger, source, use case, response, and destination for each event.
2. Draw an entity-relationship diagram to represent the data storage requirements for the multiple listing service system, including the attributes mentioned. Does your model include data entities for offer, buyer, and closing? If so, reconsider. Include information that the multiple listing services needs to store, which might be different from information the real estate office needs to store.
3. Draw a domain model class diagram that corresponds to the ERD but shows that different types of listings have different attributes. The description in the case assumes all listings are for single-family houses. What about multifamily listings or commercial property listings?

The Real Estate Multiple Listing Service system supplies information that local real estate agents use to help them sell houses to their customers. During the month, agents list houses for sale (listings) by contracting with homeowners. The agent works for a real estate office, which sends information on the listing to the multiple listing services. Therefore, any agent in the community can get information on the listing.

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