Question: 1 To what events must the SBRU booking system respond

1. To what events must the SBRU booking system respond? Create a complete event table listing the event, trigger, source, use case, response, and destination for each event. Be sure to consider only the events that trigger processing in the booking system, not the SBRU accounting system or the systems operated by the resorts.
2. List the data entities (or classes) that are mentioned. List the attributes of each data entity (or class). List the relationships among data entities (or classes).
3. Which classes might be refined into a generalization/ specialization hierarchy? List the super class and any subclasses for each of them.
Spring Breaks ‘R’ Us Travel Service (SBRU) books spring-break trips at resorts for college students. During the fall, resorts submit availability information to SBRU indicating rooms, room capacity, and room rates for each week of the spring-break season. Each resort offers bookings for a different number of weeks each season, and rooms have different rates depending on the week. Usually, the resorts make a variety of rooms with different capacities available so students can book the right room size. Couples can book a two-person room, for example, and four people can book a room for four.

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