Question: 1 Under minimum graded vesting what percentage of these benefits

1. Under minimum graded vesting, what percentage of these benefits must be vested?
2. Suppose the entire amount in Janet’s retirement account was fully vested; how much is she definitely entitled to receive in a lump-sum payment at termination of employment?
3. Assuming she leaves some funds in the retirement plan, what document should she receive at termination?
4. What are her investment options if she decides to receive a lump-sum payment?
Janet Myrnic has been offered an executive position at a competing firm. The salary is substantially above what her present employer is paying. Therefore, it is very likely she will accept the offer. However, before leaving her old job, she would like to review her participation in that company’s pension plan and understand her rights. She has participated in the company’s defined contribution plan for the last five years, during which the employer matched each dollar she contributed to the retirement fund. Combined contributions currently total $11,320.

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