Question: 1 United Parcel Service UPS has been expanding its package

1. United Parcel Service (UPS) has been expanding its package delivery and logistics services in China, serving both multinational companies and local businesses. UPS drivers in China need to use UPS systems and tools such as its handheld Driver Information and Delivery Acquisition Device for capturing package delivery data. UPS wants to make its WorldShip, CampusShip, and other shipping-management services accessible to Chinese and multinational customers via the Web. What are some of the international systems issues UPS must consider in order to operate successfully in China?
2. Your company manufactures and sells tennis rackets and would like to start selling outside the United States. You are in charge of developing a global Web strategy and the first countries you are thinking of targeting are Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Using the statistics in the CIA World Factbook, which of these countries would you target first? What criteria did you use? What other considerations should you address in your Web strategy? What features would you put on your Web site to attract buyers from the countries you target?

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